I've played in everything and anything from soul-funk to jazz to classic rock to panto pit-band in styles ranging from (bad) Gypsy jazz to (good) wailing guitar in Thin Lizzy / Clapton tributes. Generally, I will play anywhere, anything, any time - I just need to be invited haha, but I am proud to have performed on numerous stages large and small, lots in London and around of the UK, but also in the US and Europe.

Stylistic influences? Too many to choose, but if forced, I guess classic old-skool soul-funk (with hints of jazz) would be my thang. Some sort of mashed up freakish cross between Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, Amy Winehouse, Steely Dan, Chick Corea, Todd Rungdren, Earth Wind and Fire, Johnny Guitar Watson ... oh, I could go on for ever. Did I mention Lewis Taylor? Come to that, did I mention anyone from this century ...

This year (2018) the focus is on writing, recording and releasing an album of fine original songs (some written in partnership with my friends and collaborators Rachel Gerrard and Jonathan Roberts). It's a long overdue process, and the results are uplifting, rich, energetic and have that nagging ability to work their way into some inner recess of the brain that makes them stick and be memorable. Trust me.

Of course that's what I think - but I'm not alone. In fact the nicest thing that Rachel has said about our work together was that she "fell in love with the songs", and the fact that she said it on the radio is even better :D. I am very proud that Rachel is gracing the album with her soulful and versatile voice, and also bringing her fabulous musicality to the project.

Speaking of great to work with, studio owner / producer / all round great guy Lenny Bunn has added more than I believed possible to the songs in the studio through his experience and musical talent. Thank you both.

Once the recording of the album is complete, the next step is to arrange some live dates - I simply cannot miss the opportunity to take this material on the road, and I am already rehearsing my dance moves and fretting about reproducing six part harmonies on stage.

Check out the News Page for updates on dates - there are some really exciting possibilities for 2019 in the UK, Europe and US - let's hope they come to something eh?!

This album would never have happened without Jonathan Roberts, to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude. But don't tell him for goodness sake.