22nd March 2019
Yellow Arch Studios
Simon Lethem with Rachel Gerrard at Yellow Arch Studios: Lineups, directions and info
13th June 2019
The Greystones
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5th February 2019 We have an amazing set of musicians backing us in this band :-) Ryan Taylor on keys, Jihn Watterson on drums, Alex Henderson on bass, and Sophie Henderson adding her great voice to the mix. And of course there's Rachel and me up front :-)

Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield S3 on Friday 22nd March 2019. Tickets now on sale - click here for tickets
21st January Tickets now on sale for our first couple of gigs up in Sheffield

Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield S3 on Friday 22nd March 2019. Tickets now on sale - click here for tickets

The Greystones Sheffield 11 on Thursday 13th June 2019. Tickets now on sale - click here for tickets
17th December I'm really happy to have the first couple of dates confirmed for 2019. This may seem strange for a Kent based act, but we have two great Yorkshire venues confirmed for the first shows. Having had just one initial rehearsal so far I can absolutely promise that these dates are going to be absolutely fantastic, and there will be lots of new songs to hear - half the second album is already written, as well as all the hits from the album (haha).

Our "northern" album launch - and debut gig - will be at Yellow Arch in Sheffield on Friday 22nd March 2019, and we'll be back in Sheffield at The Greystones on Thursday 13th June 2019.

More to be confirmed in due course ... Manchester ... Bury ... Liverpool ... Folkestone ... Canterbury ... London - watch this space ...
4th December

STOP PRESS!! Album now available EVERYWHERE digitally ...

and lots of other places too!
27th November Well you can't argue with that. Totally unsolicited feedback on Instagram and Facebook from my two favourite Sues - thank you xx

21st October It's done. All the tracks are now recorded, so some final mixing, review and mastering and we will have an album. So now I'm thinking about the live band for 2019 ...
2nd October Two more tracks back last night from being mixed by Lenny, and I've gotta say they are sounding absolutely fab. Even that fella doing the lead vocal sounds great (ahh, that would be me ...). That means - subject to a final mix - we're almost done :D. One more track that needs the final lead vocal recording. Oh, and it needs about 100 backing vocals ... Then what?!
30th September OK, I've been sunning myself in Greece for a while. At least I was until the weather stopped being Sahara and became Siberia - oh, and the excitement of a "Medicane" - a Mediterranean hurricane (and a word that never existed in the history of the world until yesterday, I think). But in other news, Lenny is still slaving away on final mixes for a few tracks, and Rachel has been celebrating birthdays every day of the week. Looking forward to getting back to the studio to nail the last few bits before the album is ready :-) It's not going to be long now ...
24th September In other news, did you know that the entire colour scheme of the album artwork has been dictated by Rachel's choice of top when we went to have our pictures taken by Tim Hensel :D. Come to that, it's not only the album, but also this website :-) #trainspotting